Notice: Sachet product renewal and price increase

Hello, this is GRANHAND.

Thank you to our customers who always love us.

As it is a product that many people like, we tried to continue sales without raising the price.

However, due to the increase in raw and subsidiary material prices and labor costs over the past few years, 

it was inevitably decided to raise the sales price.

The original sale price will increase from $16.6 to $19.5, and will be effective from June 20 (Mon).

Instead, it has been renewed with a new package to improve the storage period of the product, which has been a disappointment.

In the future, the sachet can be stored for a longer period in a sealed package.

Once again, thank you for the interest and love you have shown so far.

We will do our best to become a GRANHAND. that always comes to you with good products.

Many Thanks.